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I am a postdoctoral researcher jointly based at UC Davis (Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation) and UCLA (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). I am a 2023 Smith Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Smith Lab at UC Davis and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife) as well as a 2023 UC Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Tingley Lab at UCLA). I study how climatic disturbances affect species assemblages and interactions across wildlife communities and how this impacts ecological resilience, human-wildlife conflict, and conservation outcomes.

In addition to my research interests, I am passionate in using my work and position to expand equity, diversity and access to STEM fields for under-represented groups. I work towards these goals via advocacy, mentorship, and outreach.


2017 - 2023

PhD Candidate, University of California - Berkeley 

2011 - 2015

BS, Molecular, Environmental Biology, University of California - Berkeley




Twitter: @kenleecalhoun


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